Victoria L. Son


I love cheese. And Corgis. I'm a wonderer and traveler. I love action movies and writing. And photography (duh). I love food. Shaquille O'Neal is tops. I'm a born and raised Canadian, so that means I'm friendly and nice. But I don't say "aboot" (although others may tell you differently).

Aside from the above noteworthy details, I moved to Ohio, USA with my husband in 2015, but consider many countries to be my home. Both of my parents were immigrants to Canada in the 1980's, and it seems as though they implanted this notion of travel in their offspring from the start. At this very moment, my immediate family resides in England, Canada, Australia, and with me covering the US of A! Academically, I graduated from the IU Herron School of Art & Design in 2011 with a bachelor's degree in Fine Art Photography, and then earned my master's degree in International Studies from Durham University in England in 2012.

I love everything about photography, from the tonality, to film grain, to concept and theory. As a wedding photographer, my clients have described me as having 'ninja skills' - probably doesn't help that I'm usually dressed in black.. But basically, I love making sure that I capture life moments to create an album that truly tells a story. My wedding and event style definitely fulfills the journalistic approach in that I photograph like a fly on the wall, adding a few posed shots in between but definitely relying more on the natural interactions and reactions of everyone involved in your day. I have a true passion for lifestyle and portrait photography and I am always open to discuss what it is that makes you passionate and find a way to capture it through my lens.