• Why the term Investment?
    The reason for this is that photographs are meant to be a timeless item depicting significant people, places, and memories. Also, images can be a dominant representation of your brand or business - and so you need to invest wisely.

Depending on what you are in need of, I am more than willing to discuss a budget that works for both your needs and my coverage. I do not limit how many images I hand over to you at the end of the day, and typically my wedding day coverage is full day, all day. I am, however, open to hourly rates if that suits your budget better - good photos should never be out of reach! These details are fully discussed with you, the client, to make sure all the important moments are captured. In terms of what I provide, I am a single-team photographer, meaning I do not have a second shooter. For this reason, I do prefer photographing events with around 200 guests or less - trust me, I'm fast on my feet ;-)

I would love to discuss what it is you're looking for! Whether you're planning a wedding or dinner party, want portraits of your family and friends (human or animal), or require updated headshots for your business - I would love to chat more. Preferably over coffee.

Please use my Hello page to introduce yourself and tell me what it is you require, and from there we can begin outlining your customized package, or rather, investment portfolio!